Tuesday, July 20

PRP - Some Advices

Madam Syahiera Farhana:

1. Open yourself to LEARN. Learning process will never stop. Esp you're a pharmacist..You have to know how to LEARN - UNLEARN - RELEARN. You know sometimes new drugs come in..or new finding released. Some of the knowledge/info might be obsolete some day later. So, keep on reading & learning.

2. PRP internship period surely be challenging. Be strong & sabar. Sometimes we make mistakes, but you must learn from it.

3. Be responsible on all your actions & words. Becoz u're dealing with real, living patients. If not, it's gonna be the LICENSE TO KILL.

All the best.. Enjoy working life & adult life.

You all surely can do it.


Nti kaunseling,psal pen humulin,insulatard,MDI inhaler salbutamol,ear drop,eye drop,accuhaler n others inhaler,warfarin smuanya basic yg ko msti tau bila keja nti..psal ubat tu,at least ko tau ubat ni guna utk apa.bila tiap2 ari ko deal dgn ubat,otomatik ko akn tau psal ubat2 ni.nti ko kna tau ubat ni klas apa,perlu sain dr pakar ke tak.pastu kna tau mcm mana nk screening,filling,labelling,dispensing.satu lg ko akn wat keja management sbb kta pegawai..mcm mana nk order bila ubat dh abis,mcm mana nk rekod etc

Fadhli Zil Ikram:

Wah jiman..good advice... one more need to know... please do ask lots of questions from senior PPFs coz they knew so much things in details..wuteve questions lor...klu nak tanya PF ni biasanya susah skit melainkan mu baik ngan dia..n never under estimate PPF..so good luck

Nashriq Hamsin:

kene rajin n pandai cari peluang utk mantapkan skill handling patients.akk just 2bln je kat hosp tp thats how i gained experiences.hati kene tabah n bdn kene fit.insya allah ley buat..lg 1,jgn malu berty..lps 2,hormat org len wpun die tu juz penolong pegawai farmasi.dorg lg byk experience dr kt esp yg da nk pencen,so ade baiknye kt hormat n gain knowledge dr dorg gak slain dr peg farmasi.itu je kot.if ty exp kat biro,ley le cite pjg lg.hehe..tp xde prp yg akan disalurkan ke bpfk.so harap ni membantu.selamat maju jaya.kwn2 n junior2 yg da lps prp,mohon beri ilmu tmbhn pd adik2 kite ye?

Nurul Akma Hanan:

1. Hormat everyone.. From the big boss to even the PPF and PPP. They'll respect you when you respect them too.

2. Grab opportunities to learn and experience as much as you can. Kalau dpt offer ke kursus/program, pergi.. Rugi kalau tak pergi. Tak semua org dpt peluang sebegitu esp during PRP. It means ur preseptor got good impressions on you.

3. Always double check & countercheck things. If in doubt, rujuk Drug Info / Micromedex / CPG etc. Ask around also. Tapi jgn bergantung pada 1 source of info i.e FRP/PPF sahaja. People also make mistakes. So, double confirm so that mistake(s) can be avoided. It's patient's life that we're dealing with.

Doa setiap hari supaya Allah jauhkan kita dari buat mistakes esp yg boleh membahayakan nyawa patients.

4. Jauhkan diri dari politik di tempat kerja ok.

Wan Maisarah:

Sorry for late reply..hehe
seniors nye tips kat atas tu dah comprehensive kot
tinggal nak practice je lagi kan
papepun nak wish selamat bekhidmat ari ni onwards (1 july kan?)
ikhlaskan jiwa raga utk kerja ye
tu sgt penting..hehe

Nazia Iqbal:

I think nashriq and Akma has already given quite useful tips there..so i guess my comments will be similar...anyway, when kak started off as PRP i used to write blog till some time...those were about real2 fresh experiences...so if u wanna read on some personal experiences,feel free to search on my blog for posts Nov 2008 onwards.... http://nazia-2141.blog.friendster.com


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great reminder (^^)

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alhamdulillah...trime kasih ^^



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