Monday, February 8

Some Tips on SPA Interview

Sis Syahiera:

Pasal interview..
They can ask you about anything..
About our kulliyyah, about pharmacy, about current issues in pmacy, current issues in msia, about higher education..etc.

Masa saya dulu, dia tanya..since u all are the first batch of pmacy students about to graduate from UIA, what are the things that make you different from other pmacy students.

I answered, UIA inculcate islamic input in the education.

DIa suruh elaborate. So, I elaborated panjang lebar..bagi contoh mcm2..based on real experience & what we have been taught in UNGS, islamic input for pmacy..etc.. And they liked it.. Coz diorg tak penah dgr about this before..

And diorg go through our certificates..tgk pasal academic & non-academic performance kite..and maybe diorg akan tanya anything related to that.

Memula tu the conversation was in English. Then, halfway tu..dia suruh stop and suruh converse in BM lak.. nak tgk cemana kite jawab..

Ada gak dia bagi situation..let say kite pmacist kat hosp, then..dia bg situation.. dia tanya apa tindakan yg kite akan amik (nak tengok camane kita nak handle crisis etc)..

Some students dpt soalan yg lebih mencabar mcm soalan specific pada ubat.. contohnya, terangkan mechanism of action of morphine ke..or any ubat..

All the best!

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