Thursday, April 22


1. Semester 2, Year 4 Examination Result
Check your result through myiium website..
No worry, Alhamdulillah, all of us pass all subjects! =)

2. PRP Form
Sr. Sharina was supposed to submit them by tomorrow.. but postponed to next week (end of April) due to some reasons.. we may need to do a follow-up with KKM and Pharmacy Board 2-3 weeks later.. we'll appoint 1 person utk tujuan tersebut, so tak perlu semua call k.. any updates will be informed online & through SMSes

3. Re-sit exam paper for the subject Dosage Design 2
Sr. Sharina will call the students dlm masa terdekat. Most probably the paper would be on 10th of May. All the best!

4. Pre-convocation (after mid of May)
  • Collect your official transcript at KOP Dean's Office (Sr. Sharina)
  • Clearance:
  1. Take the form "Release of Certificate For Semester _, 200_/200_ Graduands" at One Stop Center or you can download them here. Ada 2 copies tau, ask them to fill in both. Make sure to bring along ur matric card.
  2. Secure approvals from the following departments (isi form di atas):
  • Legal Unit, Office of Campus Director
  • Finance Division
  • Library
  • Mahallah
  • IIUM Security
Upon completion, submit the form to One Stop Center. (Please verify this information with the office. Ini adalah info from 3rd party, tp bleh dipercayai..hehe)

5. Tentang konvoi ke kenduri Fakhrul Hadi & Sr. Syahiera (dgn psgn msg2 yer), secara umumnya ikut masing2 lah nak pegi yg mana sbb quite impossible utk pergi dua2 skali on the same day.. details akan disampaikan melalui SMS.. so check out ur mobile ye! thanks..

Terima kasih..

-maklumat berkenaan akademik di atas adalah ekstrak drpd perbualan telefon kak Sharina & Ezzad Ashraff


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