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Assignment Administration & Management in Pharmacy ..........lagi~

"Customer Service at Government Hospital in Pharmacy Area (pharmacy related)"

Pharmacy Area: eg - Farmasi Klinik Pakar, out-patient, in-patient, etc

First - Find out:

1. Current situation at these places
2. Issues/problems related to services
3. Propose suggestions on how to improve the problems

Second - Aspects/focuses:

a) Human resource
- staffing,
- waiting time; how to improve efficiency
- what type of skills required
- problems with staff (not trained, lack of skills)

b) Daily Operation (operating process)

c) Product Quality
- Procurement process for types of drugs kept
- Buying (how and why)

d) Counter Service Quality
- Dispensing
- Communication with patient
- Packaging and labeling

e) Communication System
- Staff with staff
- Staff with systems
- Staff with patient
- Type of system (computerized/manual)

  • Around 3 pages
  • Grouping follows the business plan assignments’ groups
  • Each group will choose one aspect either human resource, daily operation, products quality etc. Each aspect will be discussed by 2 groups.
  • Each group need to find out on current situation, problems related to the services and also suggestion on how to improve the problems on the aspect chosen previously.
  • The area should be focusing on pharmacy area in hospital. If there are more than 2 pharmacy areas in the hospital, divide the areas equally between 2 groups that discuss on the same aspect.
  • Submission date: before final examination
  • Any inquiries please see Madam Halimah Bux.

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