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List Notes for Final Exam

Seorang sahabat mendatangiku...

H: Ko dah buat ke list note utk final ni?

S: Tak sempat lagi lah... aku ada assigment toxicology.

H: Ok, klu ada masa, buat lah ye... banyak nota yang aku takde.

S: Hm... tengoklah kalau aku senang.

Lantas, aku teringat akan kata-kata seorang ustaz:

Manusia memang tak ada masa. Sebab masa milik Allah sepenuhnya. Manusia sering begitu yakin dengan kebolehan diri sendiri. Sehingga terlupa pergantungan yang
mutlak hanya kepada Allah. Bukan bermakna tidak berusaha langsung. Tapi, berapa
ramai manusia yg mengadu dan meminta pertolongan kepada Allah dengan
bersungguh-sungguh? Berapa ramai yang qiamullail setiap malam? Kita kena ambil
pengajaran daripada kisah Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh yang membuka kota Constantinople. Ini kerana Constantinople hanya akan ditakluki oleh tentera Islam yang rajanya (yang menakluk) adalah sebaik-baik raja dan tenteranya (yang menakluk) adalah sebaik-baik tentera.


- jadi, aku pun berusaha untuk membuatnya
- lalu, terhasillah entri di bawah ini

Ini adalah senarai nota fotostat yang aku ada
Tak tau lah kalau aku tersilap

List of Hardcopy Notes after midsem


1. TDM of vancomycin
2. Special Article - Vancomycin
3. Cyclosporin
4. Methotrexate
5. Lithium
6. Paracetamol poisoning (power point)
7. Paracetamol poisoning – intervention criteria
8. Salicylate poisoning
9. Assessement of salicylate ingestion
10. TDM sampling guide


1. Code of conduct (1)
2. Code of conduct (2)
3. Ethics (Dr Mohd)


1. Ethical issues in human research
2. Presenting the result
3. Writing a Scientific Paper
4. Management of Research Project
5. From research question to objectives…


1. QUM Psychiatry
2. Dermatology
3. QUM Respiratory


1. Animal diseases
2. Poultry diseases
3. Veterinary medicine
4. Animal drug residues…
5. Disinfectants & antiseptics
6. Fish diseases and their


1. Personel Finance
2. Corporate finance
3. Accounting finanacial statements…
4. Marketing Theoy
5. Budget
6. Purchasing and inventory management
7. Merchandising
8. Value added services…
9. Mnagement application in independent
10. Management applicatin in hospital


1. Introduction to clinical toxicology
2. Diagnostic toxic syndromes
3. Poisonous plants
4. Management of poisoning
5. Important aspects in drug addiction
6. Poisoning in children
7. Poisoning in the elderly
8. Poison information center


1. Respiratory infections
2. Differential diagnosis – Parapsoriasis
3. Psoriasis (Jefferey M.)
4. Common Malignant Disorders - Epidemiology
5. Tutorial respiratory infections
6. Psoriasis (power point)
7. Acne, Dermatitis & Eczema
8. Clinical Approach in managing patient with sepsis
9. Common Malignant Disorders – management and pharmacotherapeutics

Examination Timetable for all of IIUMRx5 (Including repeat and elective subjects)

Graph of Hardcopy Lecture Notes to be studied for final exam

Question 1: Interpret the graph above?


We can see that the most lecture notes to be studied is from cp3. However, there must be some error here. Because, the notes included in the graph also the article given by lecturers. Actually, question for cp3 may just a few. Just look at your own cbl reports. The calculations may help.

Another interpretation can be made is that more burden to those who take vet & clinical toxicology. More notes should be revised if compared to those who do not take elective as well as repeat subject at all.

Question 2: Give conclusion to relate graph and examination timetable above?


Some students will get stressed with inadequate time to study due to repeat as well as elective subjects. Other students that have no extra subject will have a lot of free time. This leisure time will be left wastefully if no proper planning done. Therefore, I would like to suggest for those free, please don't hesitate to help those who are not.

p/s: May Allah gives us quality time for our effort to help each other =)


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