Monday, March 15

UPDATED on Assignment ADMIN

Untuk arahan penuh berkenaan assignment ni, boleh klik sini....
  • Picture as shown above is the group with specific topic
Please choose your own Pharmacy Area in the last column of the table
[ choose and tell others by comment on this post ]
1. Farmasi Klinik Pakar,
2. Out-patient,
3. In-patient, or
4. etc
This is because, what I understand from mdm halimah says:

The area should be focusing on pharmacy area in hospital. If there are more
than 2 pharmacy areas in the hospital, divide the areas equally between 2 groups
that discuss on the same aspect


Syahrir bin Zaini on March 15, 2010 at 11:08 AM said...

Group Faiz nak pilih drug store

jiha jihot said...

jiha plih out-patient. 1 grup ngn zurin..sekian..dn slamat mlm..zzzzZZZZ

atiq said...

out patient-grup mardhiah

Anonymous said...

update group mar nak buat in-patient



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