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Status of Credit Hours for Industrial Training

Status of Credit Hours for Industrial Training

For 2008/9 session, the credit hours shall remain at FOUR (4). The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) has advised the university that the nominal hours for industrial training shall be 80 hours for ONE (1) credit hour.

Thus, to have SIX (6) credit hours, total hours required is: 80 h x 6 = 480 h. This may translate into 5 days a week at eight hours a day to be carried out for 12 weeks.

This will take the whole of semester 3 i.e. 8 weeks and the total of 4 weeks for the inter-semester vacation. Total 12 weeks.

Further, so far, there was only ONE occasion whereby ONE manufacturing plant took our students for 12 WEEKS.

Conclusion: FOUR credit hours only for Industrial training in 2008/9 session.

source: Dr. Kausar


Anonymous said...

hek eleh...
jpa ni, kalo xnak bg ckp la xnak bg. snang cite. xyah wat2 mcm ade tp nk mtk mcm tpakse mtk sdekah.

kalo dah smp 12 wks, training pebende nye... mcm keje dah gamak nye

tp ape2 pon thanx 4 dis info.
xyah ak susah pyh mtk sign preceptor la, nk punch card la.
ngarut sume tu...



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