Saturday, November 21

Assalamualaikum wbt.....
Happy holiday everyone :)

Straight to the point....KOP office instructed us to bring:

1) 1 Pasport Picture with your name and matrix no, write at the back... (buat byk2 pn xpe)

2) 2 Photocopy of your IC with cop of approval (eg..from 'qualified' company etc)

3) IMPORTANT: please make yourself available on Friday, 1st week of sem
2...becauseJPA officer will come here to give some briefing + to collect all
the information needed

P/s: please informed your friends trough SMS, YM, Facebook, Blog (kpd sesape yg xder IT;SMS
adlh dglakkan) ..TQ :)

C.C : Hamida Hamid
Faiz Pauzi (CR)
Raihanah (GR)




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