Sunday, January 17

Happiest Moment of Our Life!

1st rs reluctant nk msuk,penat, but in d end it turns out that we make such a great team
if we are in Amazing Race,grup laen gerenti nk penalti ktorg,so phm2 jela...

gamba b4 maen
so cite sket psl task,1st belari ke tangki air dgn belon kt kaki tanpa pecahkn & berbasikal tanpa seat dr cafe ke KOM n kaki bukit.Can u imagine that?i'm sure u cant huh?

2nd lari ke CTS plak mkn garlic,peria, telur mentah,lada. we r among d 1st to ccomplete d task

then,3rd run to KOP and have to 'anyam' tikar n play batu seremban. Our chemistry was undefineable. We are d 1st to finish d task!Amazing rite?

4th, we speed up to lake dkt post guard.3 of us had to eat banana without holding it,dayah n jiji had to kayak all d way blindfolded!

then run back to KOM to complete d task n back again to post guard to complete d task.

final task,we had to play bowling padang using coconut.had to gain 25 points.this is d time where luck decide that we are in d 3rd place

gamba aftr maen

FYI :d 1st grup were all men,2nd grup :3men + 2 girls and we r d strong 5 ladies gave them a hard time

in conclusion,we r d 3rd,d 1st among d ladies and d most important thing is we r

wait for it
wait for it a little bit


thx to sis rx5 for ur support.Aktiviti ktorg aktiviti korg jua.Kemenangan ktorg kemenangan korg jua!


Anonymous said...

awesomeness!!! - shifaa

raihanah ahmad on January 17, 2010 at 2:47 PM said...

yeah shif,evrythin is posimmpable!

haziah on January 17, 2010 at 2:57 PM said...

hahaha cepat je :) hebat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zaraa Y. on January 17, 2010 at 4:31 PM said...

congratz korang...
hebat hebat...hehehe...

errrr....hamper tu nampak mcm besar jek...kehkeh



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