Saturday, January 16

Presentation Schedule for CP II and PT II (Updated)


This is an email sent by Sis. Syahiera, Course Coordinator for PHM 3233 Clinical Pharmacy. Please take your time to read and digest it properly:


This is presentation schedule for CPII & PTII next week.

You can assign any of the group member to present (means not necessarily all to present for a case).

Mark will be given as average per group.

There will be 2 venues for presentation for both Tuesday & Thursday (please refer picture below).

Thank you."

Info tambahan:
1. Dr. Haniki suruh present semua case, including yang overlap. Dia nak tengok macammana students handle presentation & case tu. Kalau present pagi & petang, kemungkinan jumpa lecturer lain-lain. Kalau lecturer sama pun, dia boleh komen on aspects berlainan.

2. Pasal preceptors tu, nanti after midsem akan switch preceptors & groups. So jangan risau. Korang akan jumpa semua preceptors, and akan ada peluang present depan semua preceptors sepanjang semester ni.

So, please stop all arguments.
Ikhlaskan diri dalam menuntut ilmu-Nya.

Syahiera Farhana Zakaria
Pharmacy Practice Department,
Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,IIUM
Jln Sultan Ahmad Shah,
Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur.




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