Tuesday, July 21

DIS QuestiOnnaire

Question 1
I have had an upper respiratory tract infection and was prescribed with T. Augmentin about 2 months ago. Can I use the same antibiotic for my sore throat? If yes, can I get the antibiotics without a prescription?

Question 2
I have had trouble sleeping since I start working a few shifts. My doctor prescribed me with T. Valium 10mg. It worked but I had difficulty concentrating while I’m driving in the morning. Are there any other options? My friend was having the same problem and he’s taking a drug called Ambien. Can I use that instead?

Question 3
I started using Deca-Durabolin a few months ago since I started my weight training. Recently, I heard about a new drug called Testolic that is manufactured in Thailand. I heard it’s better that Deca. Is it true? Is it safer than Deca as well?

Question 4
I have a history of heart failure and am still taking few medications for my heart. I was prescribed with Rosiglitazone last week for my diabetes. Will the new medication have any effect on my heart?

Question 5
An attending physician at your hospital wanted to know whether abciximab given in combination with reteplase, before patients have a coronary intervention is safe and effective in the treatment of heart attacks compared to only abciximab given during coronary intervention. He was going to search for some studies but didn’t have much time to do so. He asked you if you could do him a favor in finding the studies.

Question 6
An orthopedic specialist asked you if you have heard any recent news on potassium citrate, and its effect on bone density and muscle mass in older, healthy adults. You admitted that you have not heard anything about the news but was eager to find it out for him.

Question 7
A 63-year old Chinese lady came to your pharmacy with a puzzled face. You approached her and asked her if you could be of any help. She admitted to have had some concerns regarding her weight. She wanted to know if the herbal Ephedra she started taking for the past 3 months have any effect on her weight. She also wanted o know if the herbal remedy has any unwanted side effects.

Question 8
An IVDU came with his mom to you looking hopeless. Her son was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C and heard that there is no treatment for the condition. They asked if there is any traditional herbal remedies that may give her son some hope.

Question 9
Your grandmother has been taking Ginkgo biloba extract for general purposed. Recently, she was prescribed with Metformin and Acarbose for her blood sugar due to poor control of the blood sugar level. She asked you if the new drugs would affect Ginkgo or vice versa.

Question 10
A radiologist at your hospital wanted to know if he could continue using methimazole during radioiodine therapy for one of his patients. If not, he wanted to know if there is any other thyroid medications that can be used during the radioiodine therapy.

Question 11
A very busy psychiatrist called you up in the middle of the night asking if could use any anticonvulsants for one of his patients suffering from cocaine dependence.

Question 12
A medical officer called your Drug Info Center for any information regarding the effect of low doses cholestyramine in the management of hyperthyroidism. He asked if could possibly have the answer by the next day.

Lets dO the sOurcing~


Anonymous said...

berminat pula dgn entry yg 1 ini.pada pendapat sy,pertimbangan berasaskan kematangan dan professionalism itu penting.
untuk buat keputusan dlm 1 kelompok(khususnya bila sudah berkeluarga nanti mungkin),manfaat bersama harus diambil kira.rugikah kita bertolenransi?rugikah mempermudah urusan kawan2?kalaupun di tangguh barangkali utk 2 mggu,di tolak ke markah bg yg telah siap awal?

...manalah tahu,dgn mempermudah urusan ahli yg lain,urusan kita di masa depan lebih dipermudah,ilmu itu lebih diberkati.pendapat ini kelihatan berat sebelah....tapi sudikah semua...kita renung2kan bersama utk manfaat masa hadapan.
_camar putih_

Anonymous said...

maaf.kesilapan teknikal.komen ini utk entry di atas.harap maklum.
_camar putih_



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