Friday, July 17

Report on Internship Programme and Senior's Compilations

Dear all classmates,

This is the report that Mdm Rohani gave us a few days ago.
Due to inefficiency, we decided not to photostate it for all of the class.

The due date is very near: 22nd July 2009.
Thus, if we send to photocopy centre, maybe we will not manage to get it before the date.
So, feel free to do it yourselves.
Just save as this image > print on your own; 2 of the pages in a piece of paper.

Submit this form together with the report and survey form madam had given us a long time ago.

Another things,

On the class desktop, there is a folder named "Senior's Compilations" containing some senior's notes, course outlines as well as past years exam paper.

The file may not be complete, since I only get that from one senior.

If you guys have something like that to share, just save at the desktop class as this.

Moga sekelumit usaha berkembang dan berfaedah kepada kita semua.

Sedekah jariah menggandakan pahala.

So, marilah kita berkongsi apa yang telah dikurniakan Allah.

Perumpamaannya ialah seperti benih yang menumbuhkan tujuh tangkai; setiap tangkai menghasilkan 100 biji.

Satu lagi announcement:

Dalam seminggu, akan ada masanya Audi KOP tu digunakan oleh junior (Kelas UNGS)

So, kita kenalah berpindah ke kelas diorang.

Utk korang lebih alert, ni la jadualnya:

3.00 - 4.30 pm
Lecture Hall 1 (Year 1)

3.00 - 4.30 pm
Lecture Hall 1 (Year 1)

3.00 - 6.00 pm
Lecture Hall 2 (Year 2)




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