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Report Dosage Design II - Cough Syrup

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Re: Report PHM 4153 Dosage Design II - Preparation of Syrup
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To: Izzuddin Mohd.

are you mohd izzudin mohd jaffar? OR different izzudin?

If the former, i've seen you subscribing PHM 3133 n not 4153, however i dont really mind. But you can now upload your file at the e-learning.

pls follow this step: log-in, click e-learning, click dropbox at the left hand side- and submit at the assigned dropbox, PLEASE.

I will not accept submission via email, those who have problem using e-learning, pls submit through ur friend' acct who is working well. for guys, Mohd Sallehudin has successfully submitted his. so, kindly tell the rest.

I extend the date of submission by Mon. TQVM for ur kind co-operation.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Farahidah Mohamed
Advanced Drug Delivery Research Lab
Pharmaceutical Technology
Kulliyyah of Pharmacy
International Islamic University Malaysia
25200 Kuantan




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